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Golden Series Class 11 CBSE Project In Work Health Physical Education Practical Based On CBSE Syiiabus

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practical work would be divided into 2 terms (as detailed term-wise distribution given for both the terms for the purpose of examination). students would be undertaking the practical work of both terms in the respective terms. term 1:

a 15-mark practical (as detailed in the curriculum) would be conducted under the supervision of the subject teacher/internal examiner.

or in case the situation of lockdown continues until nov-dec 2021, a pen and paper assessment on the basis of the syllabus for practice for the first term carrying a weightage of 15 marks would be conducted at the end of term 1 at the school level and marks would be submitted by the schools to the board. term-2:

at the end of term 2, a 15-mark practical would be conducted under the joint supervision of board-appointed external and internal examiners.          

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