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CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 Social Science

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CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 Social Science

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CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 Social Science, CBSE Sample Paper & Chapter-wise Question Bank MCQ Social Science for CBSE 2022 Exams (Term 1 & 2),

CBSE had released a notification in July informing about the pattern of examination that will be followed for 2022 examinations.

That notification says there will be 2 terms for the 2021-22 session, Term 1 & Term 2. Term 1 will be mandatorily MCQ-based and the notification also suggests that Term 2 could also be MCQ-based if schools are unable to function properly till then.

Ashoka Publishing House has taken stock of the situation and has published MCQ-based books for the session 2021-22.

Features of this Book: CBSE Sample Paper Solved Term I 2021, Up to 500 MCQs Assertion Reasoning Questions with answer Match The Following Case-Based Type Questions Pictorial Questions Viva Voce 4 Model Test Papers These features empower students to be prepared to face tough MCQ based questions CBSE might throw.

This book covers MCQ-based questions for the Term I syllabus, This book will be your go-to book for CBSE exams 2021 - 2022, book your copy now!

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